Q. How old do I have to be a Rock Girl?

A. 21.

Q. How many photos do I have to submit?

A. Three photos, no more / no less.

Q. What kind of photo formats do you accept?

A. jpeg, .jpg, .png, and .gif only.

Q. Can I have anyone else with me in the photos I submit for the KISW Rock Girl Search?

A. No, only the entrant can appear in the contest entry photos. KISW can’t accept any photos that are deemed indecent by KISW management. Plus, there can’t be any copyrighted or trademarked logos in our photos.

Q. How many Rock Girls will be chosen?

A. Up to 16 Rock Girls will be chosen to represent KISW in 2018.

Q. How many Rock Girl Semi Finalists will you post?

A. KISW takes all entries and picks up to 50 girls to be posted as Rock Girl Semi Finalists.

Q. How do Rock Girl Semi Finalists become Rock Girls?

A. KISW judges will choose up to Rock Girls from the Finalists. Rockaholics can help sway the judges by voting for their favorite Rock Girls.

Q. If I’m selected as a Rock Girl Finalist, what do I need to do?

A. You must attend one of two round table meetings on either February 15th from 6-9pm or February 20th from 6-9pm.

Q. If I’m selected as a 2018 KISW Rock Girl, what is required?

A. You must participate in two photo shoots. One will be for your website profile on KISW.com and the other for the 2018 Rock Girl Calendar. If you are requested by KISW to make a personal appearance as a Rock Girl, you will receive $35/hr for each hour worked at these appearances, and $15/hour for time spent at the KISW offices for meetings and commercial production, and/or $15/hour for working KISW station events including but not limited to the KISW summer concert festival Pain in the Grass, Mens Room RedFest, and one other station event.

Q. If I’m selected as a Rock Girl, is it a full time job?

A. No, KISW Rock Girls are considered temporary, part time employees.